Shopify adds Web3-type functionality to its ecommerce platform

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Global eCommerce provider Shopify has today taken a big step into the future of online business by launching a bunch of app updates and additions that will obviously address the way business is managed in Web3.

Shopify, which for years has provided merchants with a relatively easy way to open their own online storefront, now offers a set of tools for users interested in creating social network-oriented merchandising, new sites handling local shopping, in partnership with Google, DeFi (banking) , An NFT (non-fungible token) marketplace, cryptocurrency, business-to-business marketing and sales and other categories. In total, Shopify is adding more than 100 new features to its basic offer.

The company has announced this under the guise of a new semi-annual product showcase called Shopify Editions which will unveil new apps and features and improvements across the platform.

“At Shopify, we believe in endless play,” Toby Lutke, founder and CEO of Shopify, said in a media advisory. “It means we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible for entrepreneurs. We work to address the complex challenges traders face today as they envision completely new ways to grow their business. With Shopify Editions, we’re sharing our big bets and the latest innovations in commerce so that those who are ambitious enough to try their hand at entrepreneurship can get started and scale quickly. ”

The new offerings are designed to help merchants of all sizes navigate today’s challenges in running a business by opening up new revenue opportunities and building long-term customer loyalty.

Here are some more important updates:

Tokenagated commerce: This will be Shopify’s own decision on creating its own home base for NFT sales and marketing interactions. Shopify will use tokenized commerce NFTs, which – at least at the outlet – will be the creation of its users. Shopify has not said whether it will provide tools for creating NFTs, but that information is expected later this year. The company said TokenGated “would be a way to reward true fans and VIPs by giving NFT holders exclusive access to products, benefits and experiences.” Will link tokenized crypto wallets to stores on Shopify. Merchants will be able to activate Shopify tokenized commerce experiences online, on mobile and in physical retail, Shopify said.

B2B: B2B on Shopify will be a new home for retailers who just want to sell to businesses. B2B on Shopify is not just for companies working in wholesale; It is for anyone who wants to sell the B2B universe. Commercial customers typically shop in a specific pattern based on a quarterly budget and usually require a variety of payment methods and tax requirements. The new platform will make it easier for global retailers to automate these items and potentially increase B2B revenue.

Shopify on iPhone: What? Wasn’t this available before? Well, it was released last month, but not with many promotions. To enhance shopping transactions, Shopify is now offering users the ability to tap to pay for Shopify-managed transactions on the iPhone. While other point-of-sale services relate to POS hardware, Shopify is using Apple’s top-to-pay features to make it easier for merchants to enable individual payments with only an iPhone and no terminal requirements.

Shopify and Google: Shopify and Google were already working together to provide products on Shopify-powered sites so that more could be found on Google Search. This is now taking place at a location-specific angle. When consumers are looking for a specific product linked to a Shopify-powered retailer or brand, buyers will be able to see if it is available to choose from locally in the physical store.

“We will go wherever the world of commerce goes,” VPA of Product Glenn Coates said at the press conference. “We want Shopify to be a big easy button.”

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