#Skate 4’s development is beginning to take shape

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Skate 4 no longer appears in some pre-alpha footage leaked earlier this week. But the look is deceptive, and fans of the series immediately started entertaining DNA which has always worked for the series. And it extends to the people who have played it.

In addition to checking out pre-alpha footage, I’ve also heard some recent Platest results for the game. The big takeaway is that Skate 4 is already a ton of fun. Everyone who walks away from the sport agrees that it is already a great skating game. But on top of that, EA is already putting in some key features.

Those key components include deep customization features. Multiple people have told me that the skate development team is going to do something compatible with modern multiplayer games. Consider Forza’s robust customization tools – so even if you drive like everyone else, you may be different. EA seems likely to rely heavily on user-generated content for this customization – but I guess it may also have premium skins that you can buy.

And what is the point of that customization? Well, that’s another special feature of Early Platest: community free building / skating. Players can set up a server and then anyone on that server can start adding and removing skatepark elements. The idea is to hang out with your friends and just lay out the tricks. And as soon as you come up with a “if it’s not good …” scenario, one can immediately start setting it up to play with everyone.

Of course, players will also have a fun open-world city to explore. In fact, EA is using “Fun City” as the local name for Skate 4. When you skate with this huge open space, you will come across various missions. These include races, doing weird things off your board, or running on a list of tricks.

But even with all these features slotted in place, Skate 4 is still a long way off. EA dev is giving the team time to experiment and prototype. The publisher hopes that those efforts will result in something special for skate fans.

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