Sony forecasts lower PS5 sales due to chip shortages again

In its third-quarter earnings today, Sony reported that its game revenue fell quarter-on-year compared to a year ago, and it cut its PlayStation 5 sales forecast for the next quarter due to a lack of chips.

For the December 31 quarter, Sony reported revenue of ગેમ 7.09 billion for its game and networking services division, down from $ 7.703 billion a year earlier. The operating income was $ 810 million more than $ 704 million a year ago.

In the quarter, sales of software for games were flat at $ 3.77 billion, while sales of hardware fell to $ 2.28 billion from $ 2.94 billion a year earlier, when the PS5 had its first sales.

Hiroki Totoki, Sony’s chief financial officer, said in an analyst call that the market demand for the PS5 is high, but added that the components supplying the components are leased due to a shortage of various chips. He said he expects to see continued component shortages next year.


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Look at the demand

“We can’t say for sure what the demand will be next year,” Totoki said.

For the fourth fiscal quarter ending March 31, Sony slashed its revenue estimates for games by 6% due to shortages and expected decline in PS5 hardware sales. Slowly, Sony is building inventory, but it expects shortages in the first half. Totoki said demand seems strong and stable and is not affected by the epidemic.

During the quarter, Sony completed a વેચાણ 1.008 billion sale to the game show network, Sony Pictures, to Scopley. Of that amount, Sony received $ 508 million in cash and $ 500 million in preferred stock for Scopley. Sony will see a return of $ 617 million on its investment.

This week, Sony agreed to buy Destiny maker Bungee for $ 3.6 billion, a major acquisition in response to Microsoft Activision Blizzard’s $ 68.7 billion outstanding acquisition.

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