Storing renewable power with carbon dioxide, and Roe v Wade under threat

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I used the internet to find out some of the most fun / important / scary / compelling stories about technology today.

1 The Supreme Court is allegedly plotting to overthrow Roe v. Wade
The actual decision will not come for a few months, but if the law protecting abortion rights is withdrawn, it could be shattered. (Political)
, Here’s what would happen if Roe v. Wade were overthrown. (WP)
, The biggest impact of this decision is on young women who are already mothers. (NYT)
, Restricting access to abortion goes hand in hand with a decline in democracy. (NYT)
, Activists came forward last year to help Texans gain access to abortion pills. (TR)

2 A new disinformation advisory board is already targeted with misinformation
Republicans are unhappy, claiming its creation is a threat to free speech. (NYT)
, Ironically, the board can dispel lies about itself(Protocol)

3 Facebook is quitting podcasting
Just over a year after announcing its grand audio ambition. (Bloomberg 2)
, It plans to roll out four virtual headsets by 2024. (Information)

4 Open-source researchers are sharing serious images of the war in Ukraine
But there is a limit to how helpful it is to transmit such graphic images. (Rest of the world)
, Homesick Ukrainians heading to Kiev(FT)
, Ukraine has been preparing for a cyber war since Russia first invaded in 2014. (Wired $)

5 Maybe Twitter is not a town square
But a hellish, elite-run hierarchy. (New Yorker 2)
, Elon Musk has no business plan, and is driven by pure confidence. (NYT)
, Here’s why he’s such a divisive person(WP)

6 How Apple’s anti-tracking feature shook the mobile ad industry
But we are still being tracked – just a little differently. (Vox)
, How Johnny Eve’s departure from Apple marks the end of the golden age of production. (NYT)

7 is a dangerous game for crypto trading addicts
The therapist says that his extremely unstable nature goes hand in hand with addictive behavior. (WP)
, Argentina’s crypto rage cripples one of its energy grids(Bloomberg 2)

The location data of 8 Grindr users was on sale for at least three years
Information can be used to predict romantic encounters between users. (WSJ)

9 How Amiga Computers gave birth to modern dance music
They eliminated the need for studios. (The Guardian)

10 there Is Life after leaving social media
Just don’t expect anyone to remember your birthday. (WSJ)
, Here’s why you can’t stop adding lol to your messages. (Atlantic 2)

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