Supply-chain specialist Cloudleaf rebrands as ParkourSC, lands funding

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A few months ago, supply chains and all their fables seemed to be regular in every news cycle. The Covid epidemic blew everything away, knocking out workers and preventing ships, trucks and trains from delivering their goods. Millions of customers were affected by slow shipments, lost shipments and accidents with delivery systems. The result of all this malpractice continues here in 2022, ships are still waiting for port berths and trucks are in line to be loaded; According to industry analysts, at least this year, there is no end to these issues.

These supply-chain issues, while not in the news at the time, are still with us as new workers are being recruited and new software management solutions are being tested to better coordinate all transactions.

A software-as-a-service package deployment has been created by real-time supply chain operations platform-maker Cloudleaf, which today announced two things: a strategic rebrand for ParkourSC, and a રોકાણ 26 million investment led by Kota. . Capital, including John Chambers, former executive chairman and CEO of Cisco Systems, current founder and CEO of JC2 Ventures.

The eight-year-old ParkourSC specializes in the digital transformation, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. Its real-time platform forms the digital twin of the supply chain and processes billions of events per second to generate diagnostic and predictive insights for location, position, use and discrepancy detection. The service could be added to the enterprise system without making costly changes to existing technology and infrastructure, CEO Mahesh Veerina told VentureBeat via email.

Supply-chain disruptions are expected to continue until 2022

Researcher McKinsey & Co. Predict that the average company will lose half a year’s profit due to supply-chain disruption in a decade. In 2022, supply-chain managers will have to deal with persistent disruptions, such as economic instability, uncertainty over demand, unpredictable delays in raw materials and logistics and operations stoppage due to lack of resources. This business needs reliable IT help.

“Supply-chain disruptions remain the number one issue. Emphasizing that there are many opportunities for CEOs across industries 1 issue, innovation, improved efficiency and more reliable resilience,” Chambers said in a media advisory. “This will continue through this year. Supply-chain operators today face endless challenges and need tools that enable them to make well-informed decisions at any time. ParkourSC is equipping the industry with a more transparent approach to every aspect of the supply chain. , Which allows their customers to be as agile as never before.

ParkourSC distinguishes itself using AI and machine learning using AI and machine learning to predict variations in the plan and enable the supply chain to resist waste with resilience, end-to-end visibility and agility and increase customer transparency. Can be created. Satisfaction, Veerina said.

“We monitor inventory at the production level, meaning customers have detailed visibility of inventory and product conditions, such as temperature and tilt, at every point of the supply chain ecosystem – inside the truck, in the warehouse and at the destination,” Veerina said. .

How AI and ML are used

ParkourSC combines AI and ML with other next-generation functionality in its SaaS package, including hyperscale graph modeling and large-scale real-time data ingestion from IoT and other reference signals, Veerina said.

“ParkourSC uses AI and ML to digitally model the entire customer ecosystem and enable centralized, proactive monitoring and operation of their supply chain,” said Veerina. “We collect signals from location in any system, sensor, vehicle, reference and value chain and update the customer’s digital supply chain ecosystem in real time.

“From there, customers can get the end-to-end visibility needed to manage logistics operations to optimize their inventory, assets and anticipate risks and build resilience to prevent shocks. For example, the use of AI and ML models in quality pharma and life sciences And compliance occurs to predict failure of the package’s thermal capacity for route and lane estimation in logistics and ETA estimation in transport.

ParkourSC, as Cloudleaf, is in the process of being evaluated by Gartner Peer Insights, although no review was published as of March 3, 2022.

ParkourSC has already seen success in supporting temperature-controlled supply chain operations for pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations, Veerina said. These include:

  • Continuing year-over-year growth of 300% in both bookings and ARR over the last two years;
  • Establish significant partnerships with major cold-chain packaging players, including CSafe Global and Cold Chain Technologies;
  • Expanding its carrier ecosystem to more than 800 carriers and TMS platforms, such as MercuryGate International and Bluenter;
  • Footprint with Extensive IoT and Sensor providers from Qualcomm, Zebra, Sensitech, Elpro, OnAsset, Nimbelink, Adapt Ideations, 7P Solutions, EyeSeal, Tive, Roambee, Quuppa, Wiliot and others through Parkour’s Extensive Data Platform.

“ParkourSC has already made great strides in today’s critical supply chains, especially in the pharmaceutical supply chain where smart cold packaging is critical to success and minimal losses,” Veerina said. “In fact, ParkourSC’s ecosystem of partners and integration today accounts for 90% of the pharma and cold-chain packaging space.” The latest investment in the business was made by JC2 Ventures, Kota Capital, Sigmas Group and Westrock Shared Services, LLC. , A partnership with former investors, BOLD Capital Partners, Celesta Capital (formerly WRVI Capital) and Intel Capital. This funding will support ParkourSC’s continued revenue growth; Leadership additions; Expansion of the engineering team in the US, India and other regions; And the expansion of the GTM footprint into EMEA.

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