Tabnine updates AI-based code-writing assistant for developers

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Tabnine, which develops an AI-powered assistant for software developers who can expect to write code for specific applications and fill in the blanks with appropriate snippets, launched a new version of its time-saving application programming interface on June 15.

The company, which uses the freemium-plus-service provisioning business model, also said that it has adopted the 1 million user mark of its API in 2022.

Tel Aviv-based Tabnine’s software has a long memory for finding reusable code in 31 languages, including Python, JavaScript, Java, C #, TypeScript and other languages ​​available today in both Visual Studio code or IntelliJ IDEs, CEO Drew Weiss told VentureBeat.

“The use case of our product is very simple,” Weiss said. “Your developer writes the code in her IDE, and she installs the top line as part of her editor. We have a real-time look at the code being created, and we query the AI ​​engine in real time; We suggest the next line or snippets or parts like blocks of code needed by the developer. The application really gives a quick judgment of whether they intend to do this and they accept the code. This process basically happens mostly with zero change. “

‘Ninety percent of all code is already written’

Ninety percent of all code has already been written and does not need to be created from scratch, Weiss said.

Developers are now seeing that 30% to 40% of their code is being generated automatically using the Tabnine API without having to be distracted, Weiss said. “No code has changed from the standard workflow of writing code in their favorite editor, and it works for all popular ideas or code editors and all popular programming languages,” he said.

Over the past year, Weiss said, Tabnine has improved its approach to integrating its AI models and newer models into its platform. Weiss said that in contrast to the monolithic approach of mandating a single AI model, Tabnine is now able to support any compatible AI model to guide developers.

From infrastructure-as-code to continuous integration, companies implementing Devops in recent years have seen an improvement in productivity in their software development and release processes. But those productivity gains are usually off the developer’s keyboard, as the explosion of frameworks, tools, languages ​​and APIs has made the developer’s job difficult, Weiss said.

AI has great potential to help developer productivity

AI has the potential for developer productivity to do what CI did for the release process, Weiss said.

“Every day, we get wonderful feedback from developers and teams that Tabnine’s AI is now a part of their flow, giving them time to focus on high-value activities,” Weiss said in a media consultancy. “With longer and better code completion, our next generation AI technology is a big step towards developer productivity, establishing Tabnine as a leader in AI-powered software development.”

In the new generation platform a Dozens New AI models, each trained on ground up code (vs. model pre-trained on text and retrofitted to learn code). Each model is optimized for a specific language or domain, enabling Tabnin to complete complete lines and snippets of code in context with unprecedented accuracy, Weiss said.

Tabnine, launched in 2017, announced that it has raised $ 15.5 million from Qualcomm Ventures, Hourcrowd and Samsung Next Ventures, a stakeholder in existing investors, including Khosla Ventures, Headline Ventures, Hatz Ventures and TPY Capital. With this latest infusion of capital, Tabnine has raised a total of $ 32 million so far.

Tabnine claims to be the only AI-powered software development tool of its kind on the market, Weiss said.

The latest funding will be used later this year to accelerate the development of Tabnine’s platform to add support for additional AI models and programming languages, Weiss said.

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