Tempr raises $5M to reboot user acquisition for mobile marketers

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Tamper has raised 5 million for its prediction and automation platform, which aims to reboot the way user users edit through mobile marketers.

The Paris-based company raised money from Adikteev, an app retargeting and cross-promotion platform company. Tamper’s vision is about the parameters of the globally automated and maximized mobile marketing industry, said Tamper CEO Chloe Dana in an interview with Gamesbeat. Many potential customers are game companies.

Tempr is a software-a-service company that helps mobile advertisers understand the full potential of their user editing operations and maximize their returns. The platform integrates its AI technology with application programming interfaces (APIs), which collect and pull data from customers’ mobile advertising partners to develop high-accuracy revenue forecasts.

“We are very excited about our partnership with Adikativ; We believe they will significantly accelerate our growth and help democratize our innovative technology for mobile marketers around the world, “said Dana.

These predictions help advertisers optimize their budgets, bids, and creatives for their connected partners. All of them can be pushed directly into different marketing channels at the click of a button, eliminating manual processes.

Since its inception earlier this year, Tempr has focused its efforts on Europe, the Middle East and the Africa (EMEA) region.

Funding experts will enable the company to expand in North America, develop a team with it, increase productivity in developing partner APIs, and improve tech.

Just a few months after its launch, app developers have expressed interest in Tamper’s ability to increase their revenue and increase their budget efficiency, the company said.

“We are very excited to invest in Tempr. We are very impressed with the team’s achievements and we share their vision to provide leading app developers with state-of-the-art predictive technologies,” Adikteev CEO Xavier Mariani said in a statement. “With the recent changes in the mobile advertising ecosystem, it is becoming increasingly challenging for publishers to increase and scale UA budgets profitably.”

He added, “Tempr provides a data-driven approach to address this issue by predicting performance across various campaigns and channels. We feel that the timing for the market could not be better and we want to support accelerating their growth by providing access to financial resources and our extensive client portfolio. “

Adikteev provides services for performance-driven application marketers. It helps the world’s most expensive app publishers increase retention and increase revenue. App Marketers rely on Adikteev to deliver Made-to-Measure strategies, creativity and algorithms. He works with companies like Twitch, Mattel, IQ Option and Vivino.


Temper’s user interface.

Temper started as a mobile marketing agency with the aim of helping mobile app developers with marketing, consulting and other strategies. “That’s how we came to understand those two pains. [points] Which were not really addressed with the products on the market, “said Dana. “Regarding user editing, it was really something I wanted to dig into. I really wanted to understand our clients and find something that could help them with their day-to-day work, as we are working with very large mobile apps and advertisers. Were. “

She added, “We understand that while they spend a lot of money on advertising every month to get more users, they do not need to have an internal data science team to help optimize the budget in real time. The other thing is that they I spent a lot of time on manual tasks. “

Despite the many ad automation tools for Facebook and Google, the mobile app ecosystem is off and often requires specific application performance interfaces (APIs) and specific tools that you have to use. There is not enough competition for the tools that handle mobile app campaign automation.

“We recognized those two pains [points] And realized that there is a market for projects like Temper. Temper is a forecasting and automation technology. We integrate our customers’ APIs with Tempr and integrate marketing channels like Facebook, Google, Apple Search Ads and Tiktok, “said Dana.

The company collects data from campaigns that come from other tracking tools such as AppsFlyer or Singular. It then puts that data into its prediction algorithms to see the performance of each campaign and then predicts what kind of revenue it will generate. Tempr runs thousands of views on each campaign and on each channel to see what is the best use of creativity for budgeting, bidding process, advertising.

“So we can say, ‘Well, for example, you should move 10% of your budget to Facebook and put it on Apple or Snapchat because it will be more efficient in the whole picture,'” Dana said. “It simply came to our notice then. It has a simple interface and functional insights. The second part is to implement it. ”

Apple’s privacy push

Founders of Temper.

Dana said that the targeted advertising by Apple emphasized user privacy, with the market changing with the change in the Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA). Now, marketers need new tools.

“The data privacy era has really changed the rules,” she said. “Before that, we had a lot of data on everything. Predictions are now mandatory because you no longer have a lot of insights from your users. We have a data science team that really works on evaluating, thanks to historical data, things related to outside inputs, trends we can see and things related to user actions. We can predict their lifetime value or their return on advertising costs.

I asked if such data science is still possible after IDFA (which was implemented last spring).

“Our technology is not based on the user level. We didn’t want to be user-level based because we knew the market was moving towards privacy, “she said.” It’s more based on mass and campaign levels. So we really look at the performance of the campaign, we look at the creators for the ads, and we tell you what should change on it without the users knowing. “

For the Apple iOS campaign, Tempr focused on the forecast model looking at conversion values.

“Before you knew what the user would do at any time,” she said. “Now, with the age of data privacy, you know only one value for a single download. We’re working a lot on how to extrapolate this value when it was triggered, compared to organic behaviors and previous behaviors within your historical data. We extrapolate the lifetime value of the campaign, thanks to the values ​​we get. We are committed to data privacy. Everything is built around it. And the predictions are more important than ever. “

Getting traction

Temper’s team.

That’s why Temper has been successful in gaining traction and the company is in talks with the makers of the big mobile apps and games. They see temper as a way to increase automation and reduce their reliance on hazardous manual practice.

Temper identified Adikativ as a partner. They did a trade show together and were talking to venture capitalists to raise temper money. Adikteev came up with the investment and had a large presence in the US market where Tempr is expanding.

“Their advice would be great,” she said.

Tempr has about 25 employees, some in Paris, London and Barcelona. The company was started during the epidemic and has been operating remotely with only one office.

In the user acquisition industry and data science, Dana is a rarity as the only female CEO. He said he wanted to encourage more women to enter the field.

Competitors include Bidalgo, which was acquired by Ironsource. Another is Bidshack, which was acquired by Voodoo, the creator of the hyperacusual games. And then there’s AlgoLift, which was acquired by Vungle.

“We’re really entering a market right now where demand is very high,” Dana said.

She said her firm emphasizes fast onboarding for customers and integrates with marketing channels that companies already use. They can connect the temper and then maximize their return on advertising costs from day one, she said.

“We use a lot of their historical data, so we don’t have to wait for the algorithm to have a lot of details,” she said. “We are not big sellers. We have a solution that can help. We really came together like a small team with skills. We are really excited to see how the client can use this solution for both small and large companies. We make it easy for marketers to increase their value. “

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