The Boys Season 3 teaser goes viral

Image – The Boys Insta

Amazon Prime Video has released a teaser for its action-thriller web show The Boys Season 3 On its social media platform.

Teaser The Boys Season 3, Which will be available for streaming on June 3, makes The Homelander all smile when Starlight stands next to it. They are all smiling during the photoshoot but they get angry every second.

Boys Tells the story of a group of individuals confronting heroes / villains with special powers and agendas to present themselves as the savior of mankind. Funded by the Voight organization, mutant disasters as well as terrorist attacks come to the public eye.

It is worth mentioning that Homelander was being blackmailed by Queen Mave while at the end of the second season, Billlander’s son Ryan used his superpower in anger and then Homelander’s partner-in-crime Stormfront was burnt down.

Becca Butcher, Bill Butcher’s wife, was also killed as a result.

Carl Urban plays the protagonist Billy Butcher, while his sidekick Hughy Campbell is played by Jack Cad. Erin Moriarty will be seen as the starlight while Dominic McEligot will be seen as the Queen Maw

In addition, Karen Fukuhara is playing the role of Comico Miyashiro while Les Alonso and Tomar Capone are starring as Mother Milk and French, respectively.

As far as rivals are concerned, Antony is starring as The Homelander while Chase Crawford, Jesse Usher and Nathan Mitchell are playing The Deep, A-Train and Black Noir, respectively.

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