The Download: a battle is raging over long covid in children

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I used the internet to find out some of the most fun / important / scary / compelling stories about technology today.

1 Stop saying that Ukraine is winning the information war
Look west, and you will see that Russian disinformation is gaining an alarming amount of traction. (Atlantic 2)
+ Russia is targeting Spanish-speaking Internet users. (ABC)
+ Twitter has limited content from more than 300 official Russian government accounts. (BBC)
+ Russia has become a major target for hackers(NBC)
+ Russian soldiers appear to have tortured and killed civilians in the town of Trostyanets. (The Guardian)

2 The protection from the second booster decreases rapidly, a large study has found
But protection against serious infections seems to be ongoing. (Reuters)
+ Can a computer model help us make a better vaccine for covid? (Nature)
+ Covid mortality may increase among older people in England, experts warn (The Guardian)

3 Elon Musk is going to join Twitter’s board
Breaking any illusions immediately he was going to sit quietly and collect his dividends. (WSJ)
+ We can expect him to push for a free speech version. (Atlantic 2)
+ This will be one more headache for regulators. (WSJ)
+ Twitter will get an edit button. (NBC)

4 The global impact of the Ukrainian invasion is becoming clear
High energy and food prices are having far-reaching consequences worldwide. (Nature)
+ Rising food prices will hurt poor countries, for example Sri Lanka. (Economist)
+ European companies are struggling to adjust sanctions. (NYT)
, German law enforcement agencies have shut down a huge Russian-language Dark Web site. (Wired $)

5 women face relentless abuse on Instagram
And the platform seems to do little about it. (WP)
+ Why are so many gaming communities still so toxic? (FT)
+ Feminist Internet will be better for everyone(TR)

The 6 Amazon Union wave could start right now
Staff at more than 50 U.S. warehouses have approached organizers who are interested in forming their own unions. (The Guardian)

7 Elizabeth Warren is frustrated by the lack of progress in breaking Big Tech
She is not alone. (Record)
+ Big tech companies won’t stop tracking you voluntarily. (NYT)

8 Can we teach computer general knowledge?
It’s a lot harder than it sounds. (New Yorker 2)
+ Meta’s new learning algorithm can teach AI multi-task. (TR)

9 NFT-based portrait piracy is a growing problem
Who is making money from your image? (Wired 2,

10 Google Docs is getting emoji responses
(The Verge)

Quote of the day

“I just perished. I don’t know how I did it. “

Loren Scott, a 37-year-old assistant at a media company, tells the Washington Post that even going to the office three days a week can be exhausting after two years of full-time work.

We can still have good things

A place for relaxation, pleasure and distraction in these strange times. (Any ideas? Drop me a line or Tweet them to me,

+ This TikTok of a person fed a five course meal by conveyor belt is awesome and amazing in the same measure.
+ By no means am I going to share any controversial food on Twitter, but I enjoy reading other Of people,
+ People had respect for Prince Teachers,
+ You can book castles (yes, real castles) on RBNB.
+ The Bob’s Burgers movie sounds like chaos. Fun, stupid chaos.
+ Christy Lee Rogers takes photos of people underwater, and they look totally different.
+ Tetris, but everyone gets it Vote On the next move.
+ World Clones keep coming. This is for guessing movies.
+ Train is a great way to get around Europe.
+ Like surfing? Get yourself on North Devon.

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