The Download: A US oil-drilling hotspot is kicking out far more methane than we thought

1 Ukraine’s largest internet provider is under cyber attack
The attack appears to be the deadliest since Russia invaded last month. (Forbes)
+ How the Ukrainian Internet is still working despite Russian bombs and cyber attacks. ,WP 2)
+ Inside the internal operations of the pro-Russian hacking group. (WSJ)
+ Ukraine and Russia are ready to resume face-to-face talks today. (The Guardian)
, RT America’s legacy is confusing and bizarre. (Atlantic)

2 The global supply chain crisis is only getting worse
Data tools that monitor and predict problems do not paint a beautiful picture. (Wired $)
, Digital twin simulation helps to check the worst case scenario. (TR)

3 There is still not much evidence that social media makes teenagers unhappy
But one of the largest studies to date has found that they may be particularly sensitive to its effects at certain ages. (NYT)
, What does a redesigned social network look like? (Nature)

4 US can go to test the digital dollar
They are meant to be as private as cash પરંતુ but without a bill. (The Verge)

5 Chris Small vs Amazon: The Saga Continues
His protests outside his New York warehouse two years ago triggered a massive federalist push across the U.S. (BBC)
, Union election voting has closed at the company’s Alabama warehouse. (CBS)

6 Google told its Russian translators not to use “war” in reference to the war in Ukraine
He was asked to use words such as “crisis in Ukraine” instead. (The Intercept)
, Russian radio transmission is being intercepted by heavy metal. (Economist)
, Yandex, Russia’s Google, is relaying app user data to Russian servers. (FT)

7 Europe’s plans for Big Tech undermine encryption, security experts warn
The problem is that messaging platforms need to be interoperable. (The Verge)
, Cryptographers are not really happy, (Platform)

8 Can geofencing give us safer routes? Sweden thinks so
It can prevent unlicensed drivers from entering certain areas. (NYT)
, There is no sign of a shortage of electric vehicles. (WSJ)

9 Climate groups say how bitcoin is mined eliminates its energy consumption
Switching to part proof can reduce energy consumption by 99%, obviously. (The Guardian)
, Ethereum is going to give its first real-world test this year promising idea. (TR)

10 The CIA believes that the Soviet Union was developing telepathy in the 60’s
Say more Literally. (Motherboard)

Quote of the day

“Fear always makes you a partner.”

– Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urges allies to continue supplying arms to the country without fear of Russian retaliation.

We can still have good things

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+ Is a pastor-following movie that turns into a dinosaur: The Velocipaster.
+ Forget the slap, the 1974 Oscar ceremony was interrupted by a striker.
+ Grimes is plotting the “Intergalactic Children’s Metawars Book”.
+ This is Cherry Blossom Season!
+ Let’s hear it for Bonnie’s dog fighting crime.
+ Okay, I’ll do it Consider Get up at 2 in the morning if the sunrise looks like this.
+ This gallery of Akra skateboarding ladies and girls is great.

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