The Download: Fixing America’s cybersecurity and part 2 of The Secret Police investigation

What is this: Strong government oversight, organizations meeting minimum cyber security standards, close partnerships with the private sector, staying away from current market-first approaches, and enforcement to ensure compliance with any new regulations.

President: The new strategy will take its cue from some of the nation’s most prominent regulatory landmarks, such as the Clean Air Act or the creation of the Food and Drug Administration. However, not everyone is happy about it. Read the full story.

Patrick Howell O’Neill

Secret Police: The police system continued to see opponents even after the opponents came to end the opposition around the killing of George Floyd

Despite public statements that it had become inactive, a multi-agency task force made up of federal, state and local police to monitor protests in Minnesota during the murder trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin continued to operate secretly. Conclusions, according to emails and documents examined by MIT Technology Review.

The program, known as Operation Safety Net (OSN), held regular meetings, conducted policing operations, continued intensive coordination, and updated intelligence documents, at least until October 2021, far from the “demobilization” announced in April 2021.

Read the full story here.

This is the second story in this series. Here is our first story about how Operation Safety Net interferes with freedom of protest.

Sam Richards and Tate Ryan-Mosley

Must read

I used the internet to find out some of the most fun / important / scary / compelling stories about technology today.

1 The war in Ukraine will exacerbate the global energy crisis

The IEA is now warning countries to reduce demand. (NYT)

  • Why are cages arranged at the top in Russian tanks now? (Economist)
  • An online movement to help Ukrainian researchers. (Edge)
  • Russia’s killer drones spread fear about AI in war. (Wired)

2 Another covid wave arises

Cases are on the rise in Europe and the UK – U.S. Will be next. (Atlantic)

  • We should track our immune system to observe how we are doing against covid. (Atlantic)
  • Moderna is seeking approval to give the 4th dose. (CNBC)
  • Pfizer has already asked for it. (Use)

3 China’s current Internet Dark Ages could be Russia’s future

Both countries have a tendency to learn the worst from each other. (NYT)

  • Why Russia is taking the risk of splinternet. (TR)

4 We have the technology to remove fossil fuels

And getting it organized quickly will really save us money, writes Bill McCabe. (New Yorker)

5 Vitalic Butherin is concerned about the future of crypto

The creators of Ethereum are annoyed with all the assets being flaunted. (Time)

  • Crypto keeps Russian YouTubers afloat. (Edge)
  • Ethereum switched to evidence of stake, explained. (TR)
  • Time is running out to change the world. (TR)

6 Clubhouse has become a lifeline for anti-war Russians

So far the out-of-favor audio app is not on the sensor’s radar. (Input)

7 EllieQ is a robot to keep your grandparents company

Cute? Or dystopian? You decide! (Use)

8 Zelensky Deepfake was picked up fast from all channels

The way the platforms responded is a blueprint. (Wired)

  • Putin’s “declaration of peace” has also come out deep. (Reuters)
  • Reminder: Deepfax’s biggest threat is not Deepfax itself. (TR)

9 Is Starlink’s offer of Internet access just a PR stunt in times of crisis?

For many, Musk’s motives are unclear. (SciAm)

10 new touch-tech that make VR more immersive

“Chemical Heptics” promises to take reality to a whole new level. (New scientist)

We can still have good things

A place for relaxation, pleasure and distraction in these strange times. (Any ideas? Give me a line Or Tweet them to me,

  • Gorgeous cherry Trees In China.
  • Ever wanted to know how to draw a nose? I got you,
  • Researchers may be on this Search A kind of ‘Atlantis’ but in Yorkshire, England.
  • a Interesting interactive To introduce you to ‘scam rap’.

Quote of the day

“This is not a war for the defense of Russia that your grandfathers and great-grandfathers fought. This is an illegal war. Your life, your limbs, your future are sacrificed for a foolish war, condemned by the whole world. Arnold Schwarzenegger Addresses the Russian peopleThe best coq au vin in the powerful video he posted on Twitter.

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