The Download: How AI capitalizes on catastrophe, and the Bitcoin cities of Central America

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How the AI ​​Industry Profits from Disaster

It was a temporary side job માર્ગ a way to make some extra money. Oscar’s Fuentes Anaya signed up for Apen, an AI data-labeling platform, while she was still studying in college to earn a well-paying position in the oil industry.

But then the economy in Venezuela sank. Inflation skyrocketed, and stable jobs, once guaranteed, are no longer an option. Her side gig was full time now; Temporary now near future.

Today, Fuentes lives in Colombia, one of the millions of Venezuelan migrants and refugees who have fled the country in search of better opportunities. But she is trapped at home – both by a chronic illness that develops after delayed access to health care and by opaque algorithms that determine when she works and how much she earns.

Despite threats of retaliation from Apen against her, she chose to go on record as a source of name. She wants people to understand that her life is meant to be an important part of the global AI development pipeline and that even the beneficiaries of her work abuse her and make her invisible. He wants to see people who do this work. Read the full story.

-Karen Hao and Andrea Paola Hernandez

This is the second part of our series investigating AI colonialism, which sheds light on how technology is impoverishing communities and countries that have no say in its development. Parts 3 and 4 are coming up at the end of the week, but you can read the first part and Karen Hao’s introductory essay here.

Crypto millionaires are pouring money into Central America to build their own cities

El Salvador’s Conchagua volcano, home to a lush ecotourism amidst its sun-drenched jungle, is set to host a glittering new bitcoin city, announced by the country’s president in November 2021. A massive construction project to remodel the Virgin Forest into a vibrant metropolis could begin soon. If on.

While some politicians and residents believe in the potential of crypto to jump-start the economy, others see history repeating itself. As El Salvador’s experiment takes shape in the form of Bitcoin City, a similar development is taking place in Honduras – but the response from locals has jeopardized its future. Proponents hope to build a hundred more bitcoin cities, but others question who these projects really are for and whether countries serving as test beds will really benefit. Read the full story.

– Laurie Clark

Quote of the day

“Embrace for everyone!”

– According to The New York Times, the Disney employee celebrates the dressed characters to be able to hug Disneyland visitors after lifting its no-hugs ban.

Must read

I used the internet to find out some of the most fun / important / scary / compelling stories about technology today.

1 Ukraine’s ‘Internet Army’ pressures Western brands to pull out of Russia
And their campaign seems to be working. (WSJ)
, More than one in four people in Ukraine have fled their homes. (WSJ)
, The United States and its allies are sending more weapons to Ukraine(BBC)

2 What has the zero-covid policy taught in China?
It has saved countless lives, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to implement. (Atlantic 2)
, Moderna is hopeful that its new vaccine will provide better protection against variations. (NYT)

3 NASA wants to charter a mission to Uranus
We know surprisingly little about distant planets. (Atlantic 2)
, Why are we so focused on sending humans to Mars? (Slate 2)
, Maybe we should send robots instead of astronauts(Wired $)

4 people are canceling their Netflix subscriptions in their number
And secretly share passwords between household members. (Variety 2)
, Netflix may also start running ads(Hollywood Reporter)

5 Twitter is probably preparing to turn down Elon Musk’s offer to buy him
Which will force him to reconsider his position. (WSJ)
, Regardless of the outcome, Musk’s proposal could ultimately be good for the company. (FT)
, A crypto billionaire also wants to get involved(Bloomberg 2)
, Here’s what it takes to make Twitter’s algorithm public(CNN)

6 Maybe the tech bubble is really impenetrable
Or maybe we’re tired of hearing it explode. (NYT)
, There could be further trouble for UK startups. (The Times $)

7 Unmasking the woman behind the Libs of Tiktok Twitter account 
A Brooklyn real estate agent has been instrumental in promoting hateful anti-LGBTQ + stories in the US. (WP)

8 Calming down is more than just stopping drinking
Silent influencers improve our thinking around alcohol. That’s not always a positive thing. (Wired $)
, Does paying people to stop drinking keep them quiet in the long run? (Boston Globe 3)

9 Why it is so difficult to create fair AI
For starters, the bias is in the eye of the beholder. (Vox)
, AI can reduce the number of car crashes. (NYT)
, Motorists using self-driving cars in the UK will soon be allowed to watch TV behind the wheel. (The Times $)

10 This Twitter account recognizes the authors’ ticks
Because you can’t keep repeating yourself. Or can you? (New Yorker 2)

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+ Congratulations to Tobykith, who at the age of 21 has become the world’s oldest living dog.
+ Louis Theroux is not just an award-winning documentary maker. He also throws some sick bars (thanks Tania!)
+ These simple eateries speak my language.
+ If you are starting to worry about what to buy for Mother’s Day, this list is a great starting point.
+ The US government provided funding for research into invisible wear, which seems like a worthwhile endeavor to me.
+ Would you consider keeping your cat under control and talking?
+ The world’s oldest unopened Easter egg will thank you that Easter is over.

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