The Download: Inside the fierce, messy fight over “healthy” sugar tech

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I used the internet to find out some of the most fun / important / scary / compelling stories about technology today.

1 U.S. Right now the covid may be in the middle of the wave
Due to lack of testing, without realizing it. (Bloomberg 2)
, Despite the local lockdown, the infection continues to rise in Shanghai. (SCMP)
, Residents trapped inside the home are starting to feed on WeChat groups(The rest of the world)
, More than 50 people tested positive after the A-list political dinner last week. (NYT)
, But Dr. Anthony Fawcett is confident that President Biden is protected against the virus(The Guardian)

2 Elon Musk does not eventually join Twitter’s board
Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation for CEO Parag Agarwal. (WP)
, His tweets have been erratic in the last few days. (CNN)

3 Putin’s super fans are praising him as a peace-loving hero in Facebook groups
These pages get millions of interactions every month. (BBC)
, Smartphones and Jim Metz helped the Ukrainians defend Kiev. (FT)
, What an American learned from fighting in Ukraine’s foreign armies. (Economist)

4 The crypto industry is pushing for more relaxed legislation
And it is working. (NYT)
, Crypto is a taxation minefield. (Protocol)
, The world’s first city-cryptocurrency seems boring to investors and enthusiasts. (FT)

5 Stunning brains of carpet cleaners who speak 24 languages
His brain uses oxygen more efficiently than our non-polyglot gray matter. (WP)
, The first reference chart for brain development has been completed. (Economist)

6 Why Amazon’s drone ambitions never really got off the ground
Former employees claim that its rapid testing cuts corners when it comes to safety. (Bloomberg 2)
, Amazon has a huge sustainability problem: its return. (CNBC)

7 What happens when humans are blamed for decisions made by faulty software?
Our blind faith in computers leads to miscarriage of justice. (FT)

8 We are looking for new words to get social media moderation
Like most things these days, it goes on trying to please TikTok’s all-powerful algorithm. (WSJ)

9 The production of small microchips is a bigger business than ever
We desperately need more chips, and Intel wants to deliver them. (NYT)
, BMW believes there is no sign of a chip slowdown before 2023. (Reuters)

10 brides from South Asia are shopping for wedding dresses through WhatsApp
But it is a risky endeavor – it is more difficult to evaluate the color and quality of the fabric on video. (The Guardian)

Quote of the day

“This virus is not scary, the scary thing is in a complete lockdown.”

According to Quartz, a Shanghai woman who tested positive for Kovid’s fears has had her infant son snatched amid an indefinite lockdown in the city.

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