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There is a hype problem in quantum computing

As a buzzword, quantum computing probably comes down only to AI in terms of hype. Large tech companies now have significant research and development efforts in quantum computing. A lot of startups have also emerged, some with surprising valuations.

Real quantum computers today will have incredible applications, such as when the first transistor was made in 1947, no one could have predicted how it would eventually lead to smartphones and laptops. But even quantum computing experts are troubled by some grandiose claims, especially when it comes to how and how quickly they will be commercialized.

The systems we have today are a tremendous scientific achievement, but they do not bring us closer to a quantum computer that can solve a problem that worries anyone. We don’t know how long it will take, but it’s far from a growing industry and its marketers. Read the full story.

Shankar Das Sarma is the director of the Condensed Matter Theory Center at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Must read

I used the internet to find out some of the most fun / important / scary / compelling stories about technology today.

1 Nokia’s tech-assisted digital surveillance in Russia
The Finnish company’s equipment and software were used to track protesters. (NYT)
+ HowToday, Putin has become a tyrant.(NYT)
,Why Europe is still catching up with Russia’s spying efforts.(FT)

2 China’s cowardly strategy is breaking down
Xi Jinping’s party has little choice but to abandon the hopes of a zero-sum policy. (Economist)
,The Shanghai lockdown has led to increasing cases across China.(Guardian)
,Elsewhere in Asia, Kovid restrictions are being lifted despite the spread of Omicron.(NYT)

3 The third part of the NFT collection is basically out of date
Insiders insist the bubble is not bursting, but the juice certainly feels cool. (Bloomberg 2)
,Museums are jumping on the NFT bandwagon – but do buyers want a masterpiece?(NYT)
,It turns out that buying a property in Metawors is as expensive as IRL.(IEEE Spectrum)
,A plain text is pointing to the internet(Protocol)

4 key reviews have been deleted from the Chinese Internet
The Canadian actor (and favorite web figure) attended a pro-Tibet concert, much to the chagrin of Chinese authorities. (LA Times)

5 Black Tesla workers allege racial harassment in company factories
They report that they have had to work in extremely difficult situations. (LA Times)
+ Screams, lawsuits and angry emails are just the tip of the iceberg for auto regulators working with Elon Musk. (WP)
,Musk believes it can be “helpful in conflicts.”(Inside)
,Tesla bros is making it difficult to report problems with complete self-driving software.(Inspector)
,Primer in parallel parking.(Conversation)

6 News about a study on fake news … turned out to be fake
Does anyone else have a headache? (Atlantic 2)
,Scientists are using Twitter to monitor whether their work is misunderstood.(Science)
,Conservative influencers are concerned that the right-wing platform is the echo chamber(NBC)

7 Maybe we don’t want jetpacks
It would actually be complete chaos if many of them were flying over the place. (Slate 2)

8 Do Mental Health Tech Startups Make It Easier to Get ADHD Medications?
The lines between ‘patient’ and ‘customer’ seem vaguely blurred here. (WSJ)

9 billion genetically modified mosquitoes will be released in California
This is a huge experiment to control the potential spread of dangerous diseases. (Guardian)

10 Is this the end of a teenage house party?
Smart Home Tech Gen Z is getting in the way of getting their hair down. (Information)

Quote of the day

“What is the point of doing politics in Russia if you are not ready to protest the war at such a historic moment?”

Ailya Yashin, a political activist, says Inspector They have no plans to flee Russia, despite thousands fleeing the country amid fears of a border closure.

We can still have good things

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Not only was Taylor Hawkins an excellent drummer, he loved to sing the Queen’s songs. Here’s a real one.
+ Lord of the Rings fans will be delighted that a new illustrated version of The Silmerilian is set to be released in October.
+ All Oscar Red Carpet Drama — Minus the Slaps.
+ Funny idea of ​​what Capitol Hill rioters left behind – camouflage condoms, no?
+ This interview with Jason Lee from Hollywood Unlocked is a wild ride.
+ This peaceful moose family will be very welcome in my garden.
+ Foot tickling machine designed to induce uncontrollable laughter is my worst dream.

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