The Quarry is a video game version of a fun slasher flick

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The Query is an upcoming game from the studio behind Supermassive, Tool Dawn and Dark Pictures Anthology. I got to play a little game in the preview this week. Apparently, it’s similar to those games, but it has some fun, campy (no pun intended) vibes that its predecessors lacked.

The game is a Summer Camp horror flick in video game format, set in a fantasy hackathon query. You play the role of teen camp counselors enjoying one more night of late summer. During their hilarious evening, some human predators and something supernatural crash the party. It’s up to the player to keep as many teenagers alive as possible, and the choices you make as you play will determine their fate. Yes, until dawn-Friday the 13th,

It’s hard to be a camp counselor

I didn’t get to play a lot of games, but I did get to play as some kids during my preview period. Well, I say “kids” – they’re all played by artists from the mid-20’s to the early 30’s. And yet I get more childish feeling from them than I did from the characters in ‘Tool Dawn’. They decide to stay one more night in the camp alone and receive orders to stay where they are safe. So what do they do? Go out to a big party. Sounds right.

These characters match the typical teenage archetypes used by Supermassive in Tool Dawn. You have a brother, a shy girl, a beautiful blonde, and of course, a character who is a real leader. None of them have much depth, at least not from what I saw. You will probably find the victims of the murder and the potential final girl / girl just by looking. If you are a fan of real horror movies, you can probably guess their death sentence.

You will occasionally see strange mockups, where the character’s face does not move as naturally as I suppose his actor did. But it’s not as big a deal here as it was until dawn – I guess because it doesn’t place the camera as close to his face as it did in the next game. Most of the actors did a good job of acting out the way adults behave like stupid teenagers.

Who is the first?

My only complaint is that so far the change in perspective is not particularly well demarcated. During the first bit of gameplay, he switches between characters every few minutes. Sometimes my only indication that I was playing as a new person was when a new dialog prompt came up for that person or when I paused and his face was on the menu screen.

It’s not a big deal, except they’re selling a lot of character connections, and I want to make the right decisions for those characters. It’s hard to do if I’m not sure exactly which character I’m playing, from moment to moment.

Also, just a few news: the game will not have multiplayer available at launch. Maybe I’m not using my imagination, but I’m not sure if “multiplayer” is the right way to frame this mode: it’s a cooperative mode where game viewers can vote on what the player decides. I’m looking forward to seeing how much of this will be used sometime after the game is over.

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