There Are So Many Details From Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ You Probably Missed

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Marvel’s Eternals is a very different animal than many other MCU movies; Directed by author Chloe Zhao, is a slow-moving, meditative story that explores the emotional toll of immortality on a group of people who have lived on the edge of human society for thousands of years. This departure from the familiar house style has led many fans to dislike Eternals, but like other Marvel films it does one thing: hide the Easter eggs in plain sight. And now that the movie is being streamed on Disney +, all the special references and hints have been found in the new video on the Heavy Spoilers channel.

The first Easter Egg appears in seconds in the film: The “Six Indivisibles” mentioned in the opening text is a nod to the Infinity Stones, the brightly colored McGuffins who have directed most of the action over the past decade. After the initial performance montage, we head to Cersei in present-day London, where we see an ad from the Global Repatriation Council, an organization designed to deal with the consequences of undoing the snap featured in Avengers the Falcon and Winter Soldier. .

A number of different versions of Captain America’s Shield are also shown in the movie, first in Kingo’s Bollywood number and then in his private plane, where the oldest design is on display. But it’s not just Marvel Properties that the movie is hinting at: Eternals includes a few nods to DC, with Istaris calling Fastos’ son Ikaris “Superman” and comparing Kingo’s Valet Tragedy to Batman’s Butler Alfred.

The name of the celestial whose “emergence” serves as the climatic crisis of the movie is Tiamut, referring to the figure of revelation from Babylonian mythology. This is especially true because ancient Babylon is one of the historic places where we see Eternals influencing humanity in a movie.

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