This is the first image of the black hole at the center of our galaxy

This picture was made possible by linking the eight radio observatories that existed around the world to create a single “Earth-sized” virtual telescope that collected data for many hours over several nights.

This new image may look similar to the 2019 one from M87 *, but the mass of the two black holes and the types of galaxies around them are very different. Researchers were able to find that Sagittarius A *, which sits in the center of our small spiral galaxy, uses gas much slower than M87 *, which resides in the center of a giant elliptical galaxy and emits a powerful jet. Plasma

Despite being so close to us, Sagittarius A * was significantly harder to catch than M87 *. This is because the gas around Sagittarius A * completes one orbit in minutes rather than days or weeks for a gas orbiting a much larger M87 *, causing the gas’s brightness and pattern to change rapidly. The team compared his capture to “a puppy quickly chasing his tail trying to take a clear picture.” To make black holes visible, they developed state-of-the-art equipment to observe the movement of gas.

“If Sagittarius A was the size of a dessert, M87 * would be a few kilometers from the Allianz Arena, the Munich football stadium we are at today. “These similarities show us the key aspects of black holes, regardless of their size or environment,” he told the conference. Once you reach the edge of a black hole, gravity takes over. “

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