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I used the internet to find out some of the most fun / important / scary / compelling stories about technology today.

1 Experts are shocked by the fatal plane crash in China yesterday
The plane was flying normally when it suddenly blew its nose and all 132 people on board were killed. (Bloomberg 2)
+ This is even worse news for Boeing(Quartz)
, China’s recent air safety record is strong(NYT)

2 Russians are rushing to download Wikipedia before it is banned
Who are at least trying to get their news from non-Kremlin-approved sources. (Slate 2)
+ Why WhatsApp has survived the crackdown. (Wired $)
+ Russian court upholds ban on Facebook and Instagram. (NPR)
+ Airbnb cracked down on listings in Ukraine, thwarting attempts by outsiders to help fund those fleeing their homes. (Wired $)

3 New SEC rules require companies to disclose their emissions
The devil will be detailed here, as climate accounting is no stranger to chickens. (TechCrunch)
+ How the new global carbon market can exaggerate climate progress. (TR)
+ We already have fossil fuels for quick extraction. (New Yorker 2)

4 Facebook failed to find hate speech against Rohingya Muslims
However, he was later found to have played a key role in the genocide against him in Myanmar in 2016. (AP)
, How Facebook and Google fund global misinformation. (TR)

5 Cryptocurrency trading is mostly just gambling
The trouble is, the house (almost) always wins. (The Guardian)
+ You still need to understand crypto. (NYT)
+ Someone is launching a restaurant based on the board app NFT Collection(Nations Restaurant News)
+ Bitcoin miners are trying to rebrand themselves as environmentally friendly(NYT)
+ More details have come out on India’s plan to tax crypto trade. (TechCrunch)

6 Big Tech fought against Europe. Europe won.
He lobbied hard against new distrusts and data rules, but it all guarantees to move forward. (FT)
+ Toronto’s tech sector is booming(NYT)

7 NASA has confirmed 5,000 exoplanets outside our solar system
And as the James Webb Space Telescope begins we may be preparing to discover many more. (Space)

8 Are We Already Closer to Peak Metawors?
While the virtual world has been around for decades, it took Mark Zuckerberg time to pull the metavers into the mainstream – if we don’t fully understand what it is (CNET)
+ Is Metawors technically possible? (IEEE Spectrum)

9 Video Game Preservationists are fighting to save the old title
When game makers shut down digital storefronts, conservationists rush to keep games accessible.
+ Video games are a welcome distraction, but also a source of crime for Ukrainians. (Wired $)
+ Saudi Arabia is looking at sports and gaming as a way to enhance its reputation. (The Guardian)

10 What does our desire to see people embarrassed in public say about us?
Online shaming seems not only endless, but inevitable. (New Yorker 2)

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