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I used the internet to find out some of the most fun / important / scary / compelling stories about technology today.

1 Food prices are sky high
Ukraine supplies most of the world’s wheat, corn and barley – and its farmers are unlikely to be able to plant this season. (NYT)
+ Climate change exacerbates the problem. (Wired $)
+ A Ukrainian lawmaker has accused Russia of trying to starve Mariupol to surrender. (BBC)
+ Russia is using cluster bombs, and could pose a threat for decades(Wired $)
According to the UN, +6.5 million people have been displaced inside Ukraine(Axes)

2 Is Russia retreating from cyber war?
The most dire predictions have not yet been fulfilled. (Vox)
+ Right now, the propaganda war is the most significant virtual battlefront. (TR)
+ Russian families are fighting over reality, as different members receive very different reports on the war. (WP)
+ Ukraine appeals to DJI to ban where drones can fly(Sub)

3 China reports its first Kovid death since January 2021
Omicron has landed on its shores – but it is meeting with stiff resistance. (The Guardian)
+ England’s health service has begun offering a second covid booster to people classified as high-risk. (The Guardian)
+ Hong Kong is coming out of some of the toughest covid sanctions in the world(Nikki)
+ But low vaccination rates and low levels of immunity have led to a sharp rise in mortality. (The Guardian)

4 What is the “normal” time to mourn?
The most powerful body of psychiatrist thinks it is about a year. (NYT)
+ How to repair the brain of your broken epidemic. (TR)

5 Americans are stockpiling nickel
Who have recently noticed an increase in its price, at least. (Atlantic 2)
+ The war in Ukraine is also likely to cause a shortage of neon(Record)
+ It could also be a big shock for electric car sales. (NYT)

6 NASA’s giant New Moon rocket lands on its launch pad
Marking a crucial milestone in NASA’s space exploration plans, although it may take months before it takes off. (Ars Technica)
Russia sends three astronauts to International Space Station amid upheaval over Ukraine (WP)

Sounds like 7 SXSW … a bit disappointing
Tech has always had hype, but the gap between promises and possible outcomes seems to be widening recently. (Sub)

8 Are iPhone Cameras Too Smart?
Some users are complaining that the latest iteration over-corrects their photos. (New Yorker 2)

9 Why do video games take so long?
It’s a golden age for sports — you really need to have time to play them. (WP)

10 AI thinks what Emily Dickinson’s poem looks like
Really otherworldly things. (Debugger 2)

“There can be no surrender, no laying down of arms. We have already informed the Russian party about this. Instead of wasting time on 8-page letters, just open them [humanitarian] Corridor. ”

Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchuk issued an insulting message as the deadline for Russian troops to surrender to Mariupol passed today, reports news outlet Ukraine Pravda.

We can still have good things

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+ Not right now, Japanese monster.
+ These physics toys seem endlessly fun.
+ Sean Connery’s Highlander voiceover is dubbed at the opening of Teletubbies which is unheard — or invisible.
+ Why you should admit to being bored.
+ New Ben Affleck movie Deep Water asks the eternal question: Can a drone engineer be sexy?

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