trouble for a CO2 removal startup, and a US spy spyware bid

Running Tide, an aquaculture company based in Portland, Maine, says it expects thousands of small floating kelp farms to flow into the North Atlantic between this summer and next. It is hoped that the rapidly growing macroalgae will eventually sink to the bottom of the ocean, storing thousands of tons of carbon dioxide in the process.

The company has raised millions in venture funding and gained widespread media attention, and counts big names like the Chan Zuckerberg initiative among its customers. But Running Tide struggled to grow kelp with rope lines in the open ocean during initial efforts last year and has lost a number of scientists in recent months, sources familiar with the matter told the MIT Technology Review.

At least some of the departures were due to concerns that company executives were not paying enough attention to the potential ecological effects of its plans. Some employees were also upset that Running Tide was discussing a more controversial practice, including adding nutrients to the sea to stimulate the growth of macroalgae. Read the full story.

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I used the internet to find you the most fun / important / scary / pictorial stories of today about technology.

1 US defense company Pegasus is considering buying spyware
Possibly putting the spy tool so powerful that it is considered a weapon in the hands of the US. (FT)
, NSO was to sell hacking tools to France. Now he is in crisis. (MIT Technology Review)

Two cars operating the autopilot system have crashed hundreds of times
This raises serious questions about the security of our systems and our dependence on them. (WP)
, The big new idea of ​​building a self-driving car that can go anywhere(MIT Technology Review)
, Elon Musk believes Tesla would be worth “basically zero” without its self-driving technology. (Inside)

Battle the ugly culture of crypto within 3
Employees claim that the boss of the main crypto exchange Kraken promoted a toxic work environment. (NYT)
, The future of lending platform Celsius does not look bright. (Bloomberg 2)
, Crypto is accelerating a bitter storm. Some still hold on to the beloved life. (MIT Technology Review)

4 There is no sign of rural America’s long wait for fast internet
Even though the government is sinking billions of dollars into reforms. (WSJ)

5 China’s radio telescope receives a mysterious signal
Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. (Conversation)
, Here’s how factories can work in space. (Quartz)

6 Ukraine’s Internet is being rerouted to Russia
Thus its traffic is subject to the censorship of the country. (Wired $)
, The US wants to know how its electronics ended up in Russian military gear. (WP)

7 The Internet has given birth to a new way of working for the middle class
However, making big money is still the lifeblood of some precious people. (New Yorker 2)
, Why TikTok is undoing all the hard work of MTV. (Atlantic 2)

8 How eBay Shaped the Modern Internet
And became one of our first platforms in the process. (The Guardian)

9 Why isn’t your baby’s name as unique as you might think?
We are all more influenced by our cultural environment than we feel. (Motherboard)

10 The memory of Catholicism is in full swing
However, that doesn’t mean more people come to church. (Vox)

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