U.S. tech companies are stepping up office perks, hoping to make employees feel happier about returning.

When Google employees returned to their mostly vacant office this month, they were told to rest. Office hours should be “not only productive, but also entertaining.” Explore the place a little. Do not book back-to-back meetings.

Also, don’t forget to attend Lizo’s private show, one of the hottest pop stars in the country. If that’s not enough, the company is also hosting “pop-up events” featuring “Every Googler’s Favorite Pair: Food and Swag”.

But Google employees in Boulder, Colo., Still remember what they were leaving when the company gave them mouse pads with the image of a sad-eyed cat. Pet down There was an application: “You don’t go to the RTO, do you?”

The RTO, to return to the office, is an epidemic-born abbreviation. It is a myth that Covid-19 forced many companies to abandon office buildings and empty cubicles. The epidemic proved that staying in the office did not have to be more productive, and some companies continued to grow without meeting face to face.

Now, after two years of video meetings and slack chats, many companies are eager to bring employees back to their desks. However, employees will not be so eager to return to morning travel, communal bathrooms and daytime outfits without athletic wear.

So while tech companies with money to burn and fun wagons are filling out offices, they make it clear that in many cases returning to the office – at least a few days a week – is mandatory.

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