Un adolescente rastreaba el paradero del jet de Elon Musk y lo tuiteaba. Luego llegó un mensaje directo

Sweeney told me that he was waking up when his Android phone rang at 12:19 am on November 30. The state of affairs in its dormitory, where various variants of space promotions of SpaceX, the special exploration company of Musk, collegiate in the parade about its cama, became one Photography Twitter de Sweeney personal de la Quenta compartida.

Sweeney had a contraption of Musk, in addition to the pantaloons of the intercommunication, and said that he would abandon the account if Musk offered up to 50,000 dollars. He also had to accept a Tesla Model 3, an electric car that cost more than. 38,000, adding that it was growing.

At the intersection, he asked the Sweeney why he was able to play Musk. Explain that you have lost the data of the translator. When it comes down to it, looking for a Twitter account that doesn’t seem like a good idea, Sweeney has another suggestion: Which one is your favorite?

The intersection, which prolongs more than one month, silently falls from the 23rd of January.

Sweeney restó importancia a los problemas de privacid y seguridad asociados a su cuenta de rastreo de Musk, que tiene más de 305,000 seguidores.

“This is an aviator privado, as if it were directly from the aviro to carro” “I do not believe that there is a great preoccupation. Some people just want to know where they are ”.

Sweeney said that obtuvo los datos para sus quentas de seguimiento de adion-B Exchange, que se describe a sí misma en su sitio web como la mayor fuente del mundo de datu de vuelo sin filtrar.

Dan Streufert, fundraiser of ADSBexchange.com LLC, is an electronically acclaimed company whose queries with basic electronic equipments can be found in the seasons that transmit their information. The information also available is available to the controllers, including.

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