Unhelpful chore apps aimed at mother, and bitcoin’s plummeting value

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The core apps were to make mother’s life easier. They often do not.

A few years ago, Jamie Gravel needed help. By the time she finished her essay she was working full time, her son was only two years old, and even after she repeatedly asked her husband to do more, housework was on the rise. So she downloaded Cozy. It’s an example of an increasingly popular solution: business applications designed to help families divide household chores more equitably. Gravel hoped her husband would do more to ease her load without asking her.

It was a disaster. “It doesn’t solve the problem: you’re harassing someone else or parenting your partner,” he says. “It does not empower or engage another person to be part of the family team.” Within a week, Gravel removed the app. Cozy “just didn’t work,” she says.

On paper, working applications can help solve a very real problem that women of the opposite sex still do disproportionate housework. They can get male partners to become more like, well, partners. But as Gravel discovered, the app is actually doing the opposite, forcing women અને and especially mothers ાવવા to bear the additional burden of using technology to assign tasks. Read the full story.

-Tanya Basu

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