Valve updated Team Fortress 2, but didn’t fix the bot issue

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Team Fortress 2 is a kind of antiquity, at least in internet times. Valve’s offensive shooter is about 15 years old, and despite the fact that the game may qualify for some kind of pension, it still sees occasional updates.

They don’t come up very often, you know, and they’re usually just minor improvements and changes. But they exist. It may have something to do with the fact that the game is still very popular. Team Fortress 2 still draws about 100,000 players, and those players notice problems that need fixing.

Some of these improvements are significant. For example, Valve Fix solved an exploit where a spy could create a bullet blocking shield. He devised a tactic where players could force circumstances that would send them back to their own from the enemy base. It also fixes a (kind of ridiculous) exploit that allows players to activate cheats while playing on a secure server.

Total latest team Fortress 2 update fix, patch and re-work 20 or more exploits, bugs and other issues. But that doesn’t address the biggest problem the game takes on: bots.

By the time of this writing of the game on the Steam forum, it seems that the presence of bots on public servers is less than before the update. But they also point out that the number of bots is not zero, so the rest cannot be far behind. The popular ‘How high can we calculate before we get rid of the valve bots?’ The thread still counts upwards, which is a good indicator of what the player base looks like.

To explain to an old man familiar with bots, “The Sand People Bots get started easily, but they’ll be back soon, and more. “

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