Ventajas y desventajas del nuevo iPhone SE

Apple launches a new, and even more expensive, iPhone that would like to sell a part of the veneers and include the ones we need in an intelligent telephone. The iPhone SE is more recent with a brilliant pantaloon, a faster processor, a better camera and a longer battery extension. Además, puedes hacer llamadas.

No obstruction, to the greatness of the nosotras, this is not a serious problem.

So much so, that most of the consumers who bought the iPhone hacked more than 700 dollars from 1100 dollars. The only way we can get the functions we need is, a cellular is more than just a telephone for many users. More than that, there is an inversion in our expectation that we will work, we will keep in touch and we will connect with our seres queries. Some include our dispositions endeavors to ask what they have converted into a status symbol.

Everybody wants to know that the iPhone SE is the economic one for a specific clientele: the anticoagulant. It is possible that you will get this mobile phone for 430 dollars if you combine the following conditions:

  • Do not use extravagant functions such as ultraviolet cellular velocity.

  • Reconnaissance, with razor, that the intelligent technology of telephones has been available since there is a lot of time that debíras pagar menos por ella en la actualidad.

  • You are not interested in the number of lentes of the camera or the pixels of the pantalo who say this to your friends and colleagues about your love.

  • Just change a new phone when you really feel that you need it.

In resume, the more recent iPhone is for some people who want a cellular without fuses that are fun and have a very reasonable value. If there is only one; In continuity we present what we owe to respect.

For this iPhone economics, Apple has made the most parts of its iPhone more and more encrypted in the carcass with a more advanced model with an input button and a smaller panel.

We came with the most destructive.

Como Los iPhone Mess Luzosos, El Nuevo iPhone SE 5G Connected, La Red Cellular Mess Resinte. At the disposal of the city in San Francisco, the velocity of data with the 5G fue was a 20 per cent faster than with 4G. This is not impressive, but it is a great function to have the mediums that the 5G radios want.

The new iPhone also comes with the computational processor that most models of the iPhone 13 have. Play games in a santiaamén and corneron de manera fluida.

The battery of the iPhone SE was very strong. The current generation of telephones, launched in 2020, has a battery for debugging the promotions that have already reached 7:00 pm on this day. Discover that the newer model has a better battery for the long haul that sea hora de ir a dormir.

This is important to know about the things that make the new iPhone compare with the most fashionable models. Tengo buenas noticias: con base en mis pruebas, los sacrifices are pocos.

One of the most notable things about not having an iPhone SE is the compatibility with a 5G ultra-fast variant like “onda milimétrica”. This data connection, promoted and accessed by operators like Verizon and AT&T, can function a velocity rather than a speed that a pelvic can find in seconds.

The problem is that the 5G technology of multimedia technology has special distances and its problems to penetrate the muscles and obstructions. But as a result of which inclusive sea poco can find a connection. It is possible that the people who consider an iPhone SE will not find out what they are waiting for.

The most adventurous iPhone since the new is the camera. The camera system on the iPhone most precisely has multiple lenses capturing more light.

On my first visit, the iPhone SE has very few photographs and colors with vibrating colors, but it doesn’t seem to be the same in luminescence more descriptions. In a photograph taken with a camouflage with a smile, the iPhone SE produces an image with many details and colors with natural and comparable with the iPhone 13 Mini 700 dollars. The camera of the iPhone SE also included with the Mode Noche of the iPhone more than to take photographs on the screen. The figure can use the “flash”.

The difference is clearer than the pantaloons. The panel of the iPhone SE has 4,7 rounds of small and paired menus in a brilliant and comparable with the most models, which has 5,4 and 6,7 rounds of panels. It is possible that this is just a distant factor; If you don’t like it very much or spend a lot of time transmitting live videos, then you prefer a very large panel.

Even though there are some sacrifices that have to be made when it comes to an intelligent phone, the new iPhone has more results than satisfactories. The more than 700 dollars iPhone is better, but not a 60 percent better.

There’s a record that there are other telephones that have fuertes contending in the precise range of the iPhone SE. Enter the Pixel 5A from Google for 400 dollars, which has different pros and cons. In my case, the cellular from Google has a pantaloon one of the poorest ones and you have the best photos with it. Without starting, the Pixel phone will not be as fast as the iPhone SE and will not go away because Google guarantees software updates for the only device available in 2024.

Not to be outdone, in the end, we made excellent telephone calls to hack what we needed (connect to the internet, hack telephony calls and take photos) a fraction of the precision of its equivalent gamma. There was a time when the cost of every piece of money was sublime, that is something dignified to celebrate.

Brian X. Chen a columnista de technology de consumo. Reseña products y escribe Tech Fix, a column on how to solve problems related to technology. Before the Times in 2011, reported on Apple and the Inalámic Industry for Wired. bxchen

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