Veritas launches autonomous, multicloud data management

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Veritas Technologies, known as the top-10 leader in physical enterprise storage and data protection for over two decades, has morphed into the multicloud data management software business and is constantly evolving its offerings.

The Santa Clara, Calif.-Based company today announced the latest addition to its product and service lineup with the launch of a new multicloud-based functionality that claims to improve its existing autonomous data management platform. All of these are designed to simplify the way businesses manage data and protect themselves from risks, including ransomware.

Veritas has developed its blueprint for cloud-based autonomous data management, where its popular netbackup service adds artificial intelligence (AI) and hyper-automation for self-provisioning, self-optimizing and self-healing in multicloud environments, the company said in a statement. .

“We’re building everything on a cloud-scale to pay for the autonomous future we have for our customers,” Cusimano said. “The way to think about two years from now is that it will all be fully automated from a netbackup perspective. We will essentially use AI to discover, manage and manipulate our own environment. This backup admin will do the regular jobs of Cloud Architect and maintain it for them, because we know they have more important things to do when it comes to new workloads than checking their backup policies or creating new policies. .

“Instead, we’ll automate it all. It also means we’ll be able to auto-upgrade and auto-provide, and we’re able to auto-scale and shrink. So it’s self-motivated as well as customer-driven change.” Kusimano said.

Netbackup also goes to cloud-scale

Veritas also unveiled Veritas Cloud Scale technology, a new generation of netbackup architecture modernized to work on web-scale. The company will be available with a new version of its flagship netbackup software, which was launched today.

Cusimano said the Veritas cloud scale technology that powers netbacks will be the foundation of the strategy. It provides a containerized, programmable and AI-powered microservices architecture that provides autonomous, integrated data management services in any cloud, he said. The benefits, Cusimano said, come first from the launch of NetBackup 10, which uses technology to reduce the total cost of ownership, increase efficiency and improve security in a multi-cloud environment.

“It’s easy for organizations to end up with a patchwork of piecemeal data protection solutions in the cloud, where individual workloads and applications have been deployed by new functional decision makers and managed in Silos,” said Christoph Bertrand, ESG’s practice director. Media advice. “But over time, this increases, creating ever-increasing cost and management burdens that quickly become unsustainable on a scale. To avoid this, the enterprise needs a long-term solution that can help reduce the footprint of their cloud backup and automate its operation.

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