We spoke to a radiation expert in Kyiv about the current nuclear accident risk

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I used the internet to find out some of the most fun / important / scary / compelling stories about technology today.

1 What other sanctions could be imposed on Russia?
Crackdown on crypto, and ban on oil and gas are hot topics among leaders. (FT)
, Russia may start accepting bitcoin from China and Turkey for its oil and gas. (CNBC)
+ Ukraine fell far right for Russian misinformation about developing biological weapons with the US. (NPR)
, Four Russian officials have been charged with hacking into the US energy sector. (WP)

2 New York City’s long-running beef with Uber seems to be over
After years in each other’s throats, Uber is adding to its ranks New York’s iconic yellow cab. (WSJ)
, That was the end of the road for the company’s ‘Brilliant Jerks’ era. (Information)
, On the west coast, Wemo claims it will soon start operating fully driverless taxis. (Quartz)
, Bad news for those who play the game while driving in the UK. (BBC)

3 Europe has agreed to legislation to curb the abuse of the Big Tech monopoly
WhatsApp, iMessage and Facebook Messenger will be forced to interact with smaller players. (Political)
, But Google and Apple are not planning to make less money on their apps. (FT)

4 Apple is reportedly considering a hardware subscription plan
To encourage consumers to buy more and more expensive devices. (Bloomberg 2)

5 It’s time to rethink how we deal with online game cheats
The game can be significantly improved by working on what motivates players to cheat. (Ars Technica)

6 Social media response for Ukraine may come back to bite him
The tech giants were not ready for war in Europe, and hasty new policies will not help them prime for the future. (WP)
+ TikTok Ukrainians should not fail. (Wired $)

7 The sighting of a mysterious ‘Faberg√© egg’ space circle has excited radio astronomers
They do not yet know the cause. (Nature)
, An astronaut found water inside his helmet at the end of his first space trip. (CNN)

8 Seattle Pride has parted ways with desired sponsor Amazon
Organizers have ruled out renaming the Seattle Pride Parade event, presented by Amazon. (Quartz)
, Employees of Amazon’s Staten Island are preparing to vote on whether to join the union. (NYT)

9 The next day, another NFT scandal
Bad news for fans of colorful ice cream characters. (Protocol 2)

10 If a fish can scream in pain, will you eat it?
We are less adept at empathizing with non-verbal animals. (CNET)

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