Web3 games Million on Mars and Sunflower Land will do cross-chain event

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Getting blockchain games to co-operate and share gameplay across two different networks is one of the ambitions for big metavars. So it’s interesting to see what two companies do on two blockchain networks today.

Web 3 Games Million on Mars and Sunflower Land, two growing game-to-its own crafting games, are creating the first of its kind, cross-chain, cross-universe, crossover event. The collaboration between Million on Mars and Sunflower Land, built on the Wax and Polygon blockchain, respectively, will mark one of the first Web3 experiences to enable consistent gameplay across two different networks.

This means that by fulfilling one of the key promises of Web 3 technology, the two Web3 games are building true interoperability between them. Players of any game will be able to start quests and crafting experiences in one game and finish in another, unlocking exciting in-game tools, prizes, recipes and surprises in both games.

Million on Mars is a web-based and mobile-friendly wax blockchain game. Players can purchase unique land plots on the red planet to settle on Mars. In the game, players can perform a variety of tasks, including buying and depositing buildings for other players to build and rent – all on real land plots taken from data from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Millions of sunflowers on Mars are cooperating with Earth.

Players receive disk tokens as they buy and sell goods and services in a fully player-driven economy. Millions on Mars have seen exponential growth on wax since debuting in Q4 2021.

Launched in early 2022, Sunflower Land became the 8th most popular blockchain game by number of users, increasing its player base by 60,000% in the first four months of release. Players must plant, mow, collect and craft resources to manage and grow their farmland and obtain SFL tokens.

Interoperability is a key component of the Web3 revolution aimed at creating an interconnected Internet where different apps, games and websites are compatible with each other. The transition from Web2 to Web3 will now allow users to see Silade on specialized platforms that can seamlessly cross the entire length and breadth of the Internet.

“We’re really interested in creating experiences with other products and games in the Web3 space, especially if they’re on another blockchain because that helps lay the foundation for inter-functionality between experiences,” said Adam Henning, CEO of Sunflower Land, in a statement. . “What we’re doing with this crossover as a Web 3 project is really the first and true difference of its kind.”

The gaming sector of decentralized finance (DeFi) space has emerged as one of the main drivers of interoperability, as gamers try to take their gaming experiences and things with them on different platforms.

“Web3 Space has a very strong community of smart, ambitious and hardworking people,” Eric Bethke, chief creative officer of Million on Mars, said in a statement. “It’s thrilling to be able to partner in blockchain together with a wonderful open-source team like Sunflower Land, which has also created a very fun and gorgeous game.”

The Sunflower Land and Million on Mars crossover event will run for 30 days from May 24. At the end of the event, interoperability for both games will remain the same. Both companies have said they are excited to see how the player community achieves this event and plan to create more crossover events in the future.

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