What does neuroscience-inspired art look like?

The idea for the exhibition, he says, had been emerging for some time, but in the summer of 2020, a call from the Cambridge Arts Council for projects addressing racial and social injustice forced him to act. He joined a local poet, with whom he now oversees 21 participants: scientists (including Daniel Chonde ’07, Huili Chen, SM ’18, and Shannon Johnson, SM ’19), poets, and a student and photographer of MassArt.

For Serena, who always sees science, communication and art intertwined, “The Poetry of Science” is an opportunity to show it to the public and perhaps inspire generations to come. “As a kid, I didn’t have many models to see who the color scientists were,” he says. “Science and art have an extraordinary opportunity to work together to translate complex and seemingly out-of-reach ideas into people, and this is a project. [one] That’s the way to do it. “

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