What to Wear in the Metaverse

“People like to play with something they would never wear in the real world,” she said. Shapovalova said. “Play” is the operative word.

Right now, Metavers is a place where you can recognize, just like you (the type) IRL and a place where you can transform your dreams into yours. It’s the ultimate opportunity for a potential minefield of dress-up and inadvertent self-realization. The fact that virtual space is free from certain limitations of real life does not mean that it is free from the hypotheses that each person brings to the parsing character.

In fact, other signs of absenteeism, such as business, make virtual space clothing more important. In Metavers, “What you wear becomes your visual identity,” Ms. Said Green. Slip-on jeans and a crop top or iridescent sci-fi clergyman’s robe or branded hoodie can be all users who know your avatar about you – and hence the first hints of shared taste.

Who can lead, as Mr. Rogers pointed to “tribalism” as they do in the real world.

If the two worlds become more connected – if, as Mr. “They become the world we cohabit with,” Chalmers said. .

But Paula Cello, co-founder of Oroboros, hopes the trend is in the other direction and that the creativity of dressing for metavars will diminish and promote more creative dressing in the physical world.

What does all this mean? Go boldly where Mark Zuckerberg never went before. But don’t fool yourself into believing it doesn’t matter. Clothing, such as Amber J. Sloten, co-founder of The Fabricant, said, “It affects how you feel about yourself.” Even in the virtual world. And that, Mr. “We haven’t even begun to understand,” Rogers said.

“How do you differentiate your physical self from your nickname?” He asked. “Can you?”

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