what we know so far about the rare new double infection

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How did Florona come to be?

As the name suggests, Fluoro describes a rare double infection of both coronavirus and influenza. The term has emerged in recent days following the discovery of a patient in Israel who tested positive for both diseases when he arrived at the hospital on Thursday – the world’s first reported case.

The young woman is pregnant and has been reported to have only mild symptoms, but health officials are quickly starting to study her case to determine if the combination is causing the disease to worsen.

“She was diagnosed with the flu and coronavirus,” Professor Arnon Wisnitser, director of the hospital’s gynecology department, told the Jewish newspaper Hamodia.

“Even after we re-examined, both tests came back positive. The disease is the same disease. It is viral and causes difficulty breathing as both attack the upper respiratory tract. “

According to recent reports, the patient is expected to be discharged on Thursday.

It is difficult for scientists to determine the exact set of symptoms, but the most common effects of fluorine are likely to be a combination of covid and influenza.

Related: The first case of fluorona came out in France

The Israeli patient was found to have difficulty breathing and Omicron already showed many symptoms such as flu or cold, so the main effects are likely to be high temperature, fatigue, pain, sneezing, dry cough and / or sore throat. .

Professor Wisnitser confirmed that both infections are viral and cause difficulty breathing. “The disease is the same disease,” he said. “They are viral and have difficulty breathing because both attack the upper respiratory tract.”

How likely is it to spread?

Much is unknown about the flu’s severity and severity, but doctors have confirmed that other cases are likely to emerge – with the rapid spread of the Omicron variant easing restrictions and increasing flu cases.

Related: The first case of fluorona came out in France

“We are seeing more and more pregnant women suffering from the flu,” said Professor Wisnitser. “Dealing with a woman who has a fever at the time of childbirth is definitely a big challenge.

“This is especially true when you don’t know if it’s a coronavirus or the flu, so you refer to it. Most diseases are respiratory. “

Source: Yahoo News

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