WhatsApp Chat Backup from iPhone to Android

WhatsApp Chat Backup from iPhone to Android

WhatsApp Chat Backup from iPhone to Android

When a user switches phones, it’s common to have problems accessing chats. This usually occurs when the operating system (OS) on both phones is different. And WhatsApp allows users to preserve their profile picture and name while switching from one OS to another, such as from iPhone to Android, with a limited chat history. The chat history is crucial for business interactions that could be lost if you transfer devices. The ability to transfer chat history between applications is not available.

WhatsApp backups are mostly kept in iCloud on iOS devices and Google Drive on Android devices. Users can also email their complete chat and restore it to a different device. Because each chat must be exported separately, it could take a long time. The only thing you need to think about is prioritising the important discussions that must be exported.

Here’s how to move your Whatsapp chat from an iOS to an Android device step by step.

Step-1: On your iOS device, open the Whatsapp chat app.

Step-2: Swipe left on the conversation you’d like to export.

Step-3: Select ‘Export Chat’ from the menu under the ‘More’ option.

Step-5: The mailbox will open with a chat file attached.

Step-6: Finally, input your email address to get your chats from your Android device.

Step-7: Press the ‘Send’ button.

Step-8: Go to your Android phone’s settings and sign in to your email account.

Step-9: Open the email attachment and download the chat file.

Step-10: Repeat this process for each chat you want to transfer from iPhone to Android.

Step-11: The amount of emails you require depends on how many individual chats you need to export.

Step-12: On your Android phone, you must uninstall and reinstall the WhatsApp app.

Step-13: Select the Restore option to complete the restoration process.

Step-14: Select the ‘Next’ option.

Step-15: Your chats will be exported to your Android device at this point.

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