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Although it seems to be distancing itself from Sony, Microsoft’s acquisition has strengthened its position over other tech giants with deeper pockets, signaling their intention to invest more in the lucrative gaming business – other tech giants – such as Amazon, Tencent and Google. Can.

Just van Drunen, a gaming investor, consultant and professor at New York University who studies the video games business, said buying Activision was “partially protective” because “you make it so other people can’t get it.”

“They raise the bar for acquisition costs,” he added. “If you want to stay at the table, you’ll have to bring your wallet.”

Despite Microsoft’s initial hype about the deal as a raid on Metavers, it’s not clear how ownership of more shooter, role-playing and strategy video games will help Microsoft get there. Mr. Spencer and Bobby Kotick, Activision’s chief executive, offer more insightful explanations in the interview.

Mr. Kotik said the goal was to ensure that “the devices that people play games on today, be it phones, consoles, computers or other screens with microprocessors, give us the most exciting, the most exciting, the best games.” We are. “

Ultimately, gaming makes Metawars popular. Daniel Ahmed, a senior analyst at gaming research firm Nico Partners, said Activision regularly develops games like Call of Duty, updating them with new content and interacting with the player community. That, he said, could be part of the puzzle to create these metavers experiences.

But such ideas are still far away.

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